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D&C Storm Solutions is a distributor of Generac Standby Generators. Strong storms and hurricanes can knock out power to your home. You can protect your home against power outages with a generator like the Generac Standby Generator, that kicks in when power to your home is interrupted. Generac Standby Generators are the number one selling standby generators on the market and can provide backup power to your house, even while you are not at home.

standby generatorsStandy generators like the Generac Standby Generator generally cost a lot less than a gasoline-powered generator and do not require you to store fuel in your home or garage which can be dangerous or cumbersome. This makes Generac Standby Generators an affordable choice for most home owners. Instead, Generac standby generators can be hooked up to a propane line in your home, like those that already power your gas stove or water heater. No refilling is necessary, and there is no threat of potential deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, as there is with some other portable generators that require gasoline.

Generac standby generators and fast-acting and convenient. Generac standby generators kick on in a matter of seconds usually about 20 seconds - to supply the power you need in your home. Different models can be purchased depending on the amount of generated standby power you need. Generac models are versatile and include generators to power your whole house, as well as smaller standby generators to power up to 16 circuits in your home or business. Generac also offers both air-cooled and liquid-cooled models that operate with less noise than other generator brands. Generac introduced the first gas-fueled standby generator system in 1989 and has been the leading brand of standby generators ever since.

Generac standby generator engines are long-lasting and can provide approximately 3,000 hours of use, which is an excess of 30 years of operation. For a reliable, durable, and high-qualitystandby generator, Generac standby generators are the best in class. Our storm solutions experts have experience and training with Generac standby generators and are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Let us know your backup power needs, and we will be sure to help you select the perfect Generac products for your home or business. Call D&C Storm Solutions on 281 557 3450 today to get started!


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