Storm Facts

Facts relating to storm panels:

  • The official hurricane season runs for 6 months from June 1st to December 1st, but storms may develop early or late.
  • People generally don't begin to install storm protection until landfall predictions become more certain - usually 24 hours or less prior to a storm's arrival.
  • The wind speed during which shutter placement is often done can be 45 mph or greater, making panel weight and size important factors.
  • 75% of homeowners fail to adequately prepare for a major storm.
  • Taping windows offers absolutely no penetration protection from a storm.
  • Most damage done to homes is due to wind pressure entering the house (windows shattered by debris) and forcing off the roof from underneath.
  • Approved storm panels are the cheapest and most effective way of preventing damage caused by hurricane wind and wind-borne debris.
  • Homeowners will spend on the average of 18% more while receiving 14% less protection when installing plywood over openings instead of corrugated shutters. A basic corrugated shutter equates to 5/8 in. plywood, but weighs much less.
  • Homeowners may receive an insurance discount when storm panels or other approved hurrican protection devices are installed.
  • If you must rely on someone else to put up your storm protection, circumstances at the critical moment may prevent them from being available. Lightweight shutters of manageable size may enable you to install at least some protection yourself.
  • A mixture of metal shutter panels with interspersed transparent poly-carbonate panels of equal strenght will allow sunlight to enter rooms if building power is lost, and allow you to see outside.

Basic Shutter Features:

  • Quick and easy installation and removal.
  • Can mount directly to surface, or be used with optional upper and lower receiver tracks to speed installation.
  • Extended panel legs add strength while reducing the need for field stitching or reinforcing bars.
  • Unique panel profile allows lighter guage construction while maintaining code strength.
  • Nearly 20% lower in cost than many competing storm panels.
  • Tested to withstand debris impact at a speed of 50 feet per second.
  • Metal panels are narrower and thinner than plywood, resulting in a smaller storage area.
  • Special ribbed design for reinforced protection.
  • Choice of two styles.
  • Engineering allows for application options.
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions for do-it-yourself.
  • All products meet or exceed current codes.

Written instructions are recommended tool list provided. For proper stud installations or questions, please call us for a FREE consultation.


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